Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick - 16 and 12

Price: 12$ from pharmacies and supermarkets

                                                       Shade: 16             &            12
The lipstick has sleek strong packing unlike Rimmel lasting finish lipstick. The lipsticks are numbered instead of named but there is a very good selection of colour for all skin tones. I bought 16 and 12 numbers,12 was orange shade while 12 is coral pink.

These lipsticks have pleasant smell, they are soft creamy and glides smoothly on my lips. They are highly pigmented and give full coverage with semi matte finish. They are not formulated for dry cracked lips, it is advised to moisturise and exfoliate your lips before using them. If it is applied on dry lips,the pigment settles into the fine line of lips. These lipsticks are formulated very well and even in hot weather, they do not melt.

I think this lipstick are better than Rimmel lasting finish lipsticks. As Kate Moss lipsticks have decent staying power and last 4 hours on my lips (with out having meal) and leave pretty stain upon disappearing.

Overall, I like this lipstick, with this price, its difficult to find good lipstick in Australia. Rimmel also often have special offers, you can easily find it below its RRP. You might like it if you want affordable lipstick with decent staying power and you have normal healthy lips. You might not like it if you have problem of dry cracked lips.

My rating: 5/5

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