Sunday, June 4, 2017

Nip+ Fab Glycolic Instant Fix Mask Review*

Price: 29.95$ from Priceline, selected pharmacies and Nip+ Fab online store

Nip+ Fab Glycolic Instant fix mask comes in a 50ml soft tube packing, which is very easy to apply. The mask has gel like consistency and it is transparent. According to the instruction, a thin layer should be applied all over face avoiding delicate eye areas. I only need small amount for my entire face, I think this tube will last for long time. The mask is non sticky and very easy to use.  I apply it all over my face and removed it after 10 minutes with few splashes of water. It instantly makes my skin soft and smooth, making rough areas less noticeable.

I am using it twice a week since last month and I am so happy with the results. I have noticed that the regular use brings more improvements. My dry dull skin looks silky smooth, rough skin patches disappeared and overall condition improved a lot. I have some black heads and open pores, this mask helps to reduce their size and make them less noticeable.  It also brighten my complexion and help to fade old acne marks.  

Overall, I am super impressed with this mask, it is must have in my skin care regime. I love the fact that it has anti aging benefits which I really need in my life. Have tried anything from Nip +Fab? love to hear your thoughts.

* Product is provided for review purpose but it does not affect my opinion.

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